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What makes you feel sexy? What makes you look in the mirror and go....DAMN?


For many of us, not much gives us that feeling. For some, that is an all the time, self love, amazing feeling. Either way, I want to get you in the studio and bring it out. 

Either to discover or celebrate your sexy, I want in!!


All sessions start with a consultation. We can meet at the studio so you can see and get comfortable in the space, or you can schedule an over the phone consultation. I want to get to know you. I want to know what your motivation is for booking a session. What fun ideas you have. What products are you interested in?  (We will go over products I offer at this time.) Then we will begin to plan and style your session. 


On the day of your shoot we will start in hair and makeup with one of my amazing stylists. Seriously, they ROCK! Drink a few mimosas.... Then the camera comes out. I will pose you from your head to your toes. Don't worry about not knowing what to do. That's my job!




Defiantly my favorite part! Directly following your session your photos will be uploaded and color toned. This will take about 20 min. You are welcome to hang with me in the studio, or take a walk to some of the sops here in the neighborhood. Then we will go through all of your photos and design your album/products.


I DO NOT push products! My job is just to make you look and feel SO incredible that you can't leave any behind. 

What do we do?




It was awesome working with Jessica bc you just get a good "vibe" from her. She is so sweet and non judgemental... you can say anything to her and she will laugh with you. She makes you feel like it's ok to be completely naked in front of her, even if you don't feel the best about your body.


The session was such a fun experience that I really encourage every woman to try. In that timeframe you really do feel beautiful and unique. Before the session I was telling Jessica about some of my body insecurities. She just told me to breathe and relax. That it was her job to portray me as the woman she saw in me. And she did just that!


I generally do not consider myself photogenic and can't remember ever having a photo of myself that is liked before this session.

I lost all the nerves and had a blast. I felt so much more confident in my own skin after the shoot. I've told all my friends they need to do one!


You made me feel comfortable and I wasn't self conscious walking around in my undies at all. The posing you suggest makes for a flattering figure and final outcome. When I left the studio I felt pretty awesome. I had a chance to feel and look like an adult, which is rare for me, being a mom of 4. I got to see how I can look and feel, beautiful.

The Studio


Our female only studio is located in St Charles about 40min outside of St louis, MO. There are plenty of places within the community to enjoy coffee, wine, casual or fine dining. If you are traveling for your session I can suggest nearby places to stay/visit during your trip.


3212-1 Rue Royale St

St Charles, MO 63301


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